How to Make a Korker Hair Bow.

    Let's talk about baby hair bows that would make your little girl look like a princess!
 If you want your precious one to look like a princess once again, try using a hair bow to
adorn her silky smooth hair. It will surely do the trick because hair bows come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes and you can choose those that suit her and let her smile like a princess ready to pose for a portrait.

Different kinds of bows :
      There are so many options for your baby girl in terms of shape and size of the bow. The following are some good examples:
  1. Bumble barrette bow- Newborns and toddlers can wear these bows. It is a French clip usually embellished with a flower pattern or a hair band decorated with a sequined strawberry or a flower or a bunny.
  2. Itty bows- These bows measure somewhere around 2 to 2 ½ inches and are made on alligator pinch clips. They are available in various prints and colors. These are made on such smooth ribbons that the baby hardly feels it's there.
  3. Toddler Bows - These are made for the sweet older babies who are just learning the ways of the world. Especially made for them are hair bows which come in bolder colors of bright pink and fuchsia.
  4. Headband Bows - These can be worn by infants, toddlers and preschool girls alike. The bow is made of ruffle ribbon, is 3 inches wide and is carefully placed on the headband. It can be made with two layers of ribbon to have more loops or you can buy a korker headband so the bow looks fluffy but not frayed.
  5. Single Bows- They can be just simple or you can make them attractive by adding more loops or by attaching them to a headband. You may select from a wide variety of colors that would make them go with most of your baby's dresses.
  6. Loopy Bows - Usually made of long ribbon, they require around 3/8 "of ribbon. Korkers can be added to them for a fuller look.
  7. School Team Cheer Bows- If your little girl acts as a cheer leader for the school team; you can buy for her a three color scheme hair bow. It can be made of korkers or ribbons or a combination of both. You may attach it to a French clip or alligator clip.
  8. Gymboree Bows- You can buy these as a single bow or a headband set. They look very cheerful in all rainbow colors. You can loop them in the pattern of Tiger Love or Sugar Cookie or Bubble Fun.
  9. Janie and Jack Bows- These bows are made in line with the Janie and Jack Flair line. It is made with 11/2 "of ribbon and only the two loops on the top are 7/8". The combination of red and white looks really amazing.
  10. Holiday Bows -They are usually the ruffle ribbon hair bows that give a fluffy look for your baby. The satin and big bows will not encourage your kids to wear and play around.
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